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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Naked Party

My house has been suffering a lot lately because I have just been ridiculously busy and this week I finally didn't have anything that had to be done or anywhere I needed to be at so I decided this week would be a fabulous week to clean my house, and when I say clean I mean scrub, declutter, dust, the works! I actually threw away toys and gave some to D.I. . . . shocker, I know . . . but seriously the toys were getting outta control. Anyways tonight my plan was to scrub the bathrooms and while I am cleaning mine (which is the size of my kids room) I realized it was getting close to bedtime so I told the kids to clean up their toys and get their pj's on and then I went back to cleaning my bathroom. After a few minutes I came out to get the broom and heard quite the mischief going on in the kids bathroom so I decide to investigate and this is what I walked in on:

M naked and sitting on the big potty

J naked and sitting on the potty training potty - you know the one that DOES NOT flush and you have to scrub out every time someone goes potty in it

O standing naked in the middle of the bathroom holding his you know what (luckily he was not peeing)

Me: J what are you doing on that potty?

J: Well O made me do it

Me: O is 2, you are 5, how did he make you do it?

J: Well he told me to!

Me: So you chose to listen?

J: But he made me do it!

Me: It's o.k. I'm not mad, (in fact I was trying not to laugh) just get up

I was really hoping he had not gone potty . . . but he did . . . oh well I needed to clean their bathroom next anyways

Me: J next time you need to go potty, please go in one that flushes.

J: O.K.

Me: now will someone please explain to me where all of your clothes are?

M: We are having a Naked Party!

Me: ok well umm how about we have a pajama party now instead!

Just thought I would share this with you in case you needed a laugh!

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  1. Wow. That is funny! I guess you need to get 2 flushing toilets in one bathroom!


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