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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Keeping the romance alive after kids

The other day I was taking to a girlfriend of mine about how hard it was to go out on dates when you have kids because babysitters are so expensive! We were also talking about how hard it is to be intimate after having a baby because you feel so tired and the minute you hit the sheets you aren't thinking about anything but sleep, where as your hubby probably is.

So today instead of me giving you advice I would love for you to give me some: how have you kept the romance alive after having kids?
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  1. Michael and I are lucky enough that we have a lot of family that live near by to let us go out to a movie or out to dinner sometimes kid free. But as for being intimate, we have to wait until the kids go to sleep, and sometimes by that time I am very tired. But on days that we have made an effort to connect to each other throughout the day through texts or emails or phone calls I feel closer and more willing to forego a little sleep for some extra time with him.


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