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Sunday, January 9, 2011

What kind of parent are you?

First I want to start off by saying that there is no such thing as a perfect parent! All parents make mistakes because it is a day to day learning process. However, with that being said there is such a thing as a Bad parent and an Amazing parent.

At some point in a parent's life they chose to bring a child into their life, whether it is was from making a baby or from adopting a baby, a choice was made to give a child a life. Depending on the circumstances of how that decision was made, the parent's attitudes are going to be very different. For example, if a couple wants to have children but after going through months to years of tests to try to create their own child and are only met with failures so they choose to adopt a child, those parents are going to have their own set of emotions and attitudes towards that child as opposed to a couple who decides to try to make a baby and the next month the woman is pregnant and nine beautiful months later their child is laid in the mother's arms. And then you have the parents who spend a night of lovemaking and four weeks later find out that, oops they are having a baby and now what!!! No matter how the child comes into a parent's life there was at some point a choice made to raise that child.

Not everyone who makes a baby is a parent, some of them choose to abort the baby, some of them choose to give the baby up for adoption, some of them choose to raise the child on their own and the other person becomes only the egg/sperm donor for that child. A parent is a person who chooses to keep (or adopt) their child, to take care of all of that child's emotional, physical, and spiritual needs and chooses to devote their life to that individual child. It is how well a parent takes care of their child's needs and wants and their attitude towards their child that determines whether or not they are a good or bad parent.

Ultimately there are three types of parents: Permissive, Authoritative and Authoritarian. Only one of these parenting types is a "good parent" while the other two create more problems in a child's life than they do anything else. I will explore each of these parenting styles with you throughout the week and at the end of the week it is my hope that you will know what type is the "good parent" and what types are the "bad parents."

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