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Thursday, January 20, 2011

You know you are effective at giving choices when . . .

This is an actual event that took place at my house this morning. This morning my 5 yr old - M came in my room and told me she was hungry - typical morning - so I get up and as I am walking into the kitchen I start to feel nauseous so I run to the sink and throw up (I am in my 3rd trimester of pregnancy and am still throwing up). My kids ran out of the room of course because no one wants to watch someone throw up. When I got done I was still not feeling very good so I just got out a box of Trix and poured two bowls of cereal and told my kids that I was sorry I didn't ask them but that mommy didn't feel good and just wanted to lay down for a minute. M was totally fine with that, she loves Trix anyways, J (my 4 yr old) on the other hand was not so thrilled about me making his choice for him and proceeded to tell me that he didn't ask for that. I apologized to him again and told him to please just eat it while I lay down. So as I am laying down this conversation happens.

J - "I hate that cereal I want the chocolate one"
M - "J just come and eat it, it's no big deal"
J- "No, I am not eating what I didn't ask for!"
M - "You have to eat it!"
J - " No I don't, it wasn't my choice"
M - "Fine, but if you don't eat then you don't get anything until lunch time AND no computer!"
J - immediately finds me, and I have heard this entire conversation and am trying not to laugh, and says, "Mom, M says if I don't eat then I don't get to play the computer, but that doesn't make sense?!"
Me - "You are right honey it doesn't make sense, you can still play the computer but will you please just eat the cereal for mommy this one time?"
J - "o.k. mom." he then proceeded to eat every bite of his cereal.

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