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Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I have been in a kind of bleh funk lately.  I have literally sat down to type a blog post on here multiple times and have had nothing come to me. My kids have been amazing lately so I haven't had their misbehaviors to be an inspiration for my writing and I haven't really had any friends complain to me about their kids, so no inspiration there either. I just have random thoughts that aren't developed enough to write a post about but I don't want you to think I have abandoned ship either. My hubby went back to work last week and so all of the household responsibilities have wiped my brain!

I must say that I thought having 4 kids would be a lot harder than it has been. I would love to just say it is because N is such an amazing baby, which is a big part of it, but more than that it is that I have raised 3 independent, well-behaved kids already and that makes a huge difference! I love that when I am feeding the baby my kids can play on their own and I'm not stressed about what they are doing or what they are getting into. I love that when my kids wake up they play quietly until I come out of my room, I get woken up enough from the baby and my kids know I set an alarm in the morning to make sure they are fed, dressed and ready for the day by the time M has to go to school, so the fact that they let me get as much sleep is a true blessing! I love that I have taught my kids to be clean and to clean! It helps so much that when I tell my kids to go clean their rooms while I am cleaning the kitchen that they go and do it and they don't fight me on it either. To me the past two weeks have been a real testimony of all my efforts as a parent in the techniques I use, the discipline methods I use and the patience I have with them. I know that it is my consistency and diligence that has made it so having 4 kids is a walk in the park compared to what I thought it would be!

So since I am in such a funk and really don't have much inspiration to write about PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE leave a comment about what you are struggling with or what you are wondering about in regards to parenting and maybe I can get some inspiration from you! Thanks for hanging with me!

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