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Monday, May 23, 2011

Motivational Mondays: Get Motivated to clean your house!

A while ago a friend of mine posted on her blog about cleaning her house and all that she does to keep it clean. In the post she mentioned a website called Motivated Moms where you can purchase a house cleaning schedule. After a few months of thinking about it I decided to buy the schedule and I am so glad I did! The schedule is perfect if you get overwhelmed with house cleaning like I often do and if you like checking things off of your to-do list which I also love to do! After purchasing the list I wanted I printed out the pages and then laminated each of them so I could re-use the lists. Every Sunday I put the list of things to do for the new week on my fridge and as I go about my chores I mark them off the list. On the list it has daily chores such as running the dishwasher, wiping down the kitchen and bathroom counters, sweeping the kitchen and entry way floors, etc. Then it breaks down the bigger chores like scrubbing toilets and showers into different days of the week. It even as a spot on there for clipping your kids nails - it's every Wednesday! I love this chart and I feel like cleaning my house isn't such an overwhelming task anymore. Every morning after I drop M off to school I have about 2.5 hours before I have to pick her up so I work really hard at getting J and O to help me get as much done on the list as quickly as we can so we can have time to play the rest of the day. For me if I get my cleaning done first thing in the morning I am much more likely to keep up on it throughout the day and my kids are more likely to clean up after themselves as well! Sometimes I even call up my friends and chat away while I clean or blare the music really loud and jam out while I clean which is a great way to stay motivated and get the work done quickly!

I have some friends who clean a little differently, they will clean one major room per day for example, bathrooms on tuesday, kitchen on wednesday, mopping on thursdays, etc. and if that works for you great! But this way it is a little bit each day and I don't feel like my days are spent following my kids around and cleaning up after them. I highly recommend you checking out the motivated mom's website and take back your free time!

Do you have other tips on keeping your house clean?


  1. You know me and how I feel about clean!!! A clean house also gives the feeling of peace throughout the house. My biggest secret is to keep the kids helping to keep the house clean. Seriously, I do not pick up toys. At all. I no longer have to worry about the trash or empty the dishwasher. Each of my boys (even the 2 year old!) helps with chores.

    My 2 year old is AMAZING at helping me do laundry. He helps me put clothes in the washer, into the dryer and even helps bring the laundry basket to my folding location. He always throws away the dryer sheet for me and helps me gather hangers. Each child is responsible for bringing their laundry to the laundry room. I let them know that if they want clean clothes, they'll have to do it. I'm also training them that when they see a pile of clean clothes that belongs to them, to put them away without being asked.

    For bathrooms, I cannot live without anti-bacterial wipes. I also keep a toilet scrubber and toilet bowl cleaner in each bathroom, along with the wipes. Then, I don't have to transport between the bathrooms to clean. The supplies are kept in one handy location.

  2. A cleaning schedule is a great idea! It’ll definitely help with maintenance of the cleanliness. Keeping the house clean takes a lot less effort than having to actually clean the house, after all! Having a schedule of what and when to clean would be really useful especially for bigger houses.


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